Design in most cases can be perceived as an open term not as an absolute definition. It is a creative process and thus open to interpretation. Sometimes design is combined with terms, such as less is more, which unfortunately can be used as an open justification to give credibility for very little. However, we believe true design for performance orientated products require firstly a deep understanding for not only technical design and innovation, but that each and every part required must be understood for purpose, to bring to realisation an astonishing product each part must be considered purposefully. There must be a balance in the context of the design, what is there has a meaningful requirement, and its quality has to be absolute. The FLUO™ design vision, is integrity, function, performance and ultimately a true purity of execution which allows a musical performance to be realised beyond expectations. Nothing added, and nothing taken away.

Then comes the art, the visual design combined with inspirational electrical engineering, knowing what is needed and what is not, and how all the elements and their quality shape the realisation of the ultimate sound intention. So yes, under the right considerations less can deliver more, provided that the design requirements are fully understood and use of parts is fully refined and correct for purpose. True deep knowledge, experience and technical understanding, and the right use of exceptional components to realise true audio perfection is a total requirement.

Without this discipline less is simply less. FLUO’s unique ‘Fast Linear Ultimate Operation’ delivers less resistance in the current path, which gives far greater audio quality. Less resistance within the mains transformer, less resistance of the PCBs topology and design, less resistance of the capacitors, less resistance in the Single Die MOSFET’s and less resistance in all of the internal wiring cables uniquely specified.

FLUO is the ultimate balance of technical precision and sound realisation, where there is no need for anything more, that isn’t already there.


FLUO™ is the pursue of accuracy, integrity and honesty to faithfully reproduce any musical event. Thus the design and material usage of the products are carefully considered and purposeful.

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FLUO™ stands for Fast Linear Ultimate Operation. Fast linear ultimate operation has two objectives, firstly to keep the output of the amplifier correct no matter what level and frequency it receives. Secondly the output is a constant linear factor of the input, thus the two are always in harmony.

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