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The FLUO™ PRE1 is a dual mono preamplifier housed in a single chassis. Two independent circuit PCBs, one for the left channel and one for the right, providing the power amplifier with the purest undistorted signal information possible. The PRE1 is a perfect balanced match for the FLUO™ power amplifiers. The JFET balanced input amplifier circuit used in the power amplifiers is also used in the PRE1 for all audio inputs and outputs. The PRE1 also uses the same low-noise power supply technology this ensures a matching sound quality. The PRE1’s distortion so low that it is difficult to measure. Measuring the 2nd and 3rd harmonics, the distortion is 0.0002 %. To put this astonishing figure into context it is 114 dB below the signal level. If purity of sound is your objective, and must be maintained, then the PRE1 is the best choice.

Unfortunately, many other preamplifiers and power amplifiers have a 10kOhm input impedance, which is too low for tube products and most other preamplifiers also mix 10 kOhm and 20 kOhm on the same XLR input socket. FLUO maintains the same 20 kOhm input impedance on both pin 2 and pin 3 of the balanced XLR input sockets to maintain consistent performance across many sources. Both the FLUO™ power amplifiers and the PRE1 have a stable and consistent 20 kOhm input impedance on all inputs.

The PRE1’s internal 1 kOhm level control reduces the noise level and interference compared to usual 47 kOhm standard. Our 1 kOhm level control allows your music to flow unimpeded through the internal matrix of the preamplifier connection points with absolute purity.

The PRE1 output impedance is a low 75 Ohm unbalanced on the RCA sockets and 150 Ohm on the balanced XLR sockets. This ensures compatibility with most interconnect cables and power amplifier designs.

Dimensions: 485mm x 125mm x 525mm (W x H x D)

Technical Specifications

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FLUO™ is the ultimate balance of technical precision and sound realisation, where there is no need for anything that isn’t already there. In this context less is absolute.

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FLUO™ is the pursue of accuracy, integrity and honesty to faithfully reproduce any musical event. Thus the design and material usage of the products are carefully considered and purposeful.

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