Reducing resonance to produce further clarity.

The FLUO™ DM250 is a true dual mono power amplifier housed in a single chassis. Two mono block amplifiers one for the left channel and one for the right drive each of your loudspeakers individually and independently for the greatest performance level. DM250 uses two input power cords to drive 2 separate mains transformers, when very high power is demanded from the right channel, this does not affect the performance of the left channel and vice versa. Because of this architecture the DM250 moves closer to the performance of the FLUO™ M500 separate mono block amplifiers. The DM250 uses a unique Single Die metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor to deliver musical accuracy across the entire music frequency range.

DM250 will deliver 250 W into an 8 Ohm loudspeaker load, 500 W into a 4 Ohm loudspeaker load and 1’000 W into a 2 Ohm loudspeaker load, this final figure being slightly reduced to 900 W due to the mains fuse required.

Therefore, you will hear pure, non-distorted audio, allowing music to flow without compromise, so that your musical enjoyment spans full frequency range with minimum distortion and maximum dynamics.

The brand styling and industrial design of the FLUO™ chassis also reduces resonance frequencies. The chassis design, heat sink fins and top of the product diffuse sound waves, even beyond 20 kHz. The carefully considered dimensions act as sound diffusers, and the front panel also acts to diffuse any transmitted sound waves. Generally, products with large flat surfaces reflect high-frequency sound, similar to the way a mirror reflects light. Possibly for the first time, FLUO™ reduces these problems, enabling the products function at their best without external compromise.

FLUO’s advanced protection system offers a well-proven system, which detects any signal outside the limits and automatically mutes the input for 1 second to make sure, that you notice the problem. Then the system tests for 1 ms to test if the problem still exists. If you have removed the problem, i.e., a frayed loudspeaker wire making a short circuit, the amplifier will automatically play music again.

This innovative circuit checks abnormal high frequencies, voltage, current, phase angle and load.

Technical Specifications

The following data is based upon 230 V AC mains power. The idle mains power consumption is 100 Watts.

Output power into an 8 Ohm resistive load is 250 Watts.
Output power into a 4 Ohm resistive load is 500 Watts.
Output power into a 2 Ohm resistive load is 1’000 Watts short-term.

A 6.3 A slow blow mains fuse limits power consumption at 1’450 Watts long-term for each channel. Therefore, using sine wave tones, the long-term power in 2 Ohm will be less than 1’000 Watts.

Automatic audio mute should operational temperatures exceed recommended limits.

Automatic protection system does not allow loudspeaker loads below 1.5 Ohms.

The balanced 3-pin XLR input socket has a 40 kOhm input impedance. The 3-pin XLR socket has Pin 2 as plus, Pin 3 as minus, and Pin 1 as ground.
The RCA unbalanced input has a 20 kOhm input impedance.

Due to strong external electromagnetic fields, which can increase the noise levels, we recommend that only shielded signal cables are used.

Dimensions: 485mm x 270mm x 535mm (W x H x D)


FLUO™ is the ultimate balance of technical precision and sound realisation, where there is no need for anything that isn’t already there. In this context less is absolute.

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FLUO™ is the pursue of accuracy, integrity and honesty to faithfully reproduce any musical event. Thus the design and material usage of the products are carefully considered and purposeful.

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