FLUO™ Jubilee Turntable

FLUO™ Jubilee

The ultimate luxury product in analogue replay.

The Jubilee turntable was developed to deliver the ultimate in analogue replay, it is a luxury product harnessing advanced analogue design knowledge and appropriate material usage.

The construction of the Jubilee is ingenious, four independent levels make up the turntable chassis. Each level is precisely calibrated for weight and fabrication accuracy, this unique Defined Concept of Mass guarantees absolute integrity of performance. This special construction prevents the transmission of resonance energy and interference between each of the individual levels, thus making the drive almost insensitive to external influences. The levels are firmly anchored to four pillars, each being individually adjustable, this ensures a perfectly stable and correct horizontal level, a necessary requirement for precise audio replay.

The drive system is also unique, the fully electronic motor control consists of a microcontroller, a sine wave generator and an amplifier stage insuring perfect stable voltage and very low total harmonic distortion. Housed in its own chassis this system allows the following:

• Easy adjustable speed control by pressing a button.
• Menu-controlled fine adjustment of the platter speeds.
• Phase-optimized control of the motor for accurate speed stability.
• An easy-to-read display of product functions.

Technical Specifications

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FLUO™ is the ultimate balance of technical precision and sound realisation, where there is no need for anything that isn’t already there. In this context less is absolute.

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FLUO™ is the pursue of accuracy, integrity and honesty to faithfully reproduce any musical event. Thus the design and material usage of the products are carefully considered and purposeful.

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