FLUO™ represents the highest level of audio engineering, combining both electrical and industrial design. New technologies are harnessed, with better practices and techniques to create and deliver exceptional audio products that redefine the ultimate level of sound performance.

FLUO™ is exceptional, FLUO™ is the amalgamation of the very best and talented individuals, designers, and electrical engineers in the audio industry. FLUO™ is a passion, driven to accurately recreate all musical performances with emotion and the integrity of performance.

If we were young

FLUO™ could be considered a new brand with little to no experience, however the reality is very different. FLUO™ has over a century’s worth of audio knowledge, technical accumulation and product development know how, combined with a wealth of experience and passion to enable the design, production, and perfection of the ultimate sound engineering solutions. FLUO™ is an elite group of the industry finest brought together with one purpose, to create truly exceptional audio products.

This unique team of individuals, each a specialist in their own field of audio expertise, realises exceptional visionary designs under the leadership and creative direction of Keith Martin founder and Managing Director of IsoTek, the world famous and multi award-winning power cleaning brand.

FLUO™ is a collective, a passionate collaboration of visionaries. The very best talent working together to bring you the very best products across many fields of audio design.

Unlike other companies, limited by an electrical engineering department, which tries to spread their limited knowledge thinly across many categories, FLUO harnesses knowledge, experience, and the strength of a diverse team of industry experts. Individuals who have the precise knowledge and talent to create exceptional audio solutions. For this reason, FLUO is a driven inspirational collective. World class designers and engineers working together but given creative freedom, time, budget, and space to develop the very best products for your audio enjoyment, without compromise!


FLUO™ is emotion combined with technical excellence built around one core purpose, to realise and deliver the very best products money can buy, products which create the finest sounding audio and music experience that is not only realistic but truthful to the musician’s emotions and intention.

Keith Martin

It was 1999 that a younger Martin decided to establish and create a platform for high class audio accessories. This led to the creation of IsoTek and a challenging journey to bring a dream to become an international award winning reality. Martin, a passionate and creative individual driven by the desire to realise astonishing audio products which recreate music faithfully with all the immediacy of live music performance and emotion intention, respecting the artistic integrity.

IsoTek, is a recognised and internationally award-winning power cleaning brand of almost 25 years. This Bachelor of Arts qualified industrial designer felt a need to bring to market products that delivered their intention truthfully and purposefully. At a time when many considered power cleaning voodoo, IsoTek carved an honest path to redefine a market segment, which had been historically overlooked. IsoTek’s many awarding winning solutions continue to delight music lovers world-wide.

Kurt Olbert

Creator of the highly regarded RDC, resonance deadening compound, designed for effectively managing resonance energy within audio products, teams up with FLUO™ to bring to market a series of astonishing analogue products. The Jubilee turntable brings to bare over four decades of experience from a master of his trade.

Olbert’s general activities consist of high-end consultancy and technical trouble shooting and solving desperate tasks. His vast knowledge across many technical fields attracts his talent to many professionally run companies, whether it is solving resonance issues within the sub chassis of automobiles or repurposing expensive printing systems, for example, Olbert remains the primary desired choice of consultant!

However, his love of audio cannot die, and his wish to apply a vast knowledge to audio is a true gift for the FLUO™ brand.

Ole Lund Christensen

It was 1982 when a young Danish pro audio sound enthusiast and electrical engineer Ole Lund Christensen embarked upon a quest to make both better sounding and more reliable power amplifiers. Inspirationally he pursued a new and interesting type of industrial N channel MOSFET of only 70 W, and whilst early designs were often unstable due to the very wide frequency range of his designs, the hard work paid off and a reliable 2 x 250 W in 8 Ohm and 1’000 W bridged in 8 Ohm power amplifier was born, he called it SLT 250.

This concept continued to be refined and by 1995 the development of the SiriuS DM 200, the world’s first single MOSFET power amplifier was completed. This design would become the foundation for the highly praised GamuT Audio brand five years later and go on to win numerous audio awards including Editor’s Choice Award 4 years in a row for the M250 in America’s The Absolute Sound magazine.

FLUO™ is not only the rebirth of Christensen’s vision, originally conceived over 40 years ago, but the foundation to bring his concept to its ultimate conclusion. Power amp performance so advanced, with timing, musical accuracy and precision, speed, and dynamics few could possibly conceive or believe.


FLUO™ is the ultimate balance of technical precision and sound realisation, where there is no need for anything that isn’t already there. In this context less is absolute.

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FLUO™ is the pursue of accuracy, integrity and honesty to faithfully reproduce any musical event. Thus the design and material usage of the products are carefully considered and purposeful.

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